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This article is placed here as informative action for prospective and active membership.
Although NO claim is made as to it's validity in any other jurisdictional locations -
it is also placed here as a guideline for others that may be interested in writing
such a document for the purposes of establishing a similar club.

Fox Valley Tents & Wheels (FVT&W)
Family Camping Club
a Chapter of Family Camping and RV'ers (FCRV)
Constitution and By-Laws
As voted for ratification by it's active membership - 9/19/98

Article I - Name

Article II - Chapter Colors and Symbols Article III - Purpose and Objectives Article IV - Membership Article V - Dues Article VI - Voting Privileges Article VII - Officers And Their Duties
    Article VIII - Nomination and Election of Officers
  Article IX - Board of Directors
  Article X - Committees
  Article XI - Meetings
  Article XII - Chapter Affiliations
  Article XIII - Chapter Representation Article XIV - Order of Business Article XV - Fiscal Year Article XVI - Termination of Chapter Article XVII - Amendments
This Constitution and By-Laws were presented to membership for vote,
and approved at a regular business meeting on September 19th, 1998
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